Resources for educators

Workbook for educators

Ageing and disability: a guide on quality of life and inclusive practices.

This workbook is divided into two parts:

  • 4 didactic units with content related to ageing, intellectual disability and how to navigate through TRIADE 2.0 training platform (MNAM):

    • Unit 1: The ageing process.
    • Unit 2: Impact of ageing on QoL of AAWID.
    • Unit 3: Methodology working on QoL with AAWID.
    • Unit 4: The MNAM interactive training platform.

  • A Training pedagogical resources guide to build a 25-hour face-to-face training course.

Didactics Units

The first part of the workbook is formed by 4 didactic units. The first three units consist of theoretical and practical content, and exercises based principally on the Quality of Life Model (Schalock and Verdugo) and its domains, as well as to the social inclusion dimension. The developed training content of the unit I, II and III deal with the following topics:

  1. Ageing (theories and determinants of ageing, ageism, frailty, resilience..);
  2. Intellectual disability (concept and dimensions of Quality of life, impact of ageing in people with disabilities, the person-centred planning, individual support plan, planning the future and working with AAWID…).

In addition, unit IV is aimed at helping educators on how to use the TRIADE 2.0 MNAM interactive training platform exercises as an additional pedagogical tool to improve the quality of life of AAWID.

Training pedagogical resources guide

The second part of the workbook is a training pedagogical resources guide to help training developers and trainers to plan, implement and evaluate a 25-hour face-to-face training action based on the workbook content.