Who is important in my life?

Exercise 7.
Interpersonal relations
Off line Images /pictograms/info graphics Presentations (powerpoints, PDF, docs, ...)
More than 30 minutes
Individually In group

Pedagogical guide for educator

This first exercise contains 2 activities. The activities are all about the process of ageing and events in a person’s life that lead to loss of family and friends. The activities mainly focus on helping AAWID identify family members and/or other important persons they might have lost contact with during the course of their live, and with whom they wish to reconnect.

Note: the activities build upon the activities in unit 13, e.g. Exercise 1 – activity 2: who is part of my family? Exercise 2 – Activity 2: who is important to me?

The activities are linked to the QoL domain ‘Interpersonal Relationships’, the QoL indicators ’ ‘social network friendships’ and the support need ‘keeping in good contact with family and friends’.

They correspond with the following learning outcomes:

  1. Identify important family members or friends.
  2. Identify how regularly he meets these family members and friends.
  3. Select how often he/she would like to hear or meet the important family members and friends.

Preparation/equipment needed:

  • Casus: story of Sam part I
  • Annex 1
  • PowerPoint presentation


Activity 1: The story of Sam – Quiz 1 (Annex 1 - 10 minutes)

Display the ppt in annex 1. Start this activity by telling the story of SamPhoto Sam

Describe the activity to the participants and tell them there will be a small quiz at the end so they need to concentrate and listen carefully.

After this activity, ask the participants if they themselves have moved to another place/home during the course of their lives. If because of this move, they have lost contact with someone they liked or loved. Or maybe the other way around. Did someone important to them moved away? Like in the story of Sam, people might also loose contact because of disputes. Also ask the participants if they might have lost someone due to fights or misunderstandings.


Activity 2: Who did I loose contact with? (annex 2 – 30 minutes)

For this activity let the participants draw up a storyline (life-line) see annex 2.

Begin by telling the participants the activity is to get them to think about all the persons that have been important to them in the course of their lives. Let them write down the names of these persons and or fix pictures of these persons on the life-line (see below). Help them by thinking who was important as a child, when they went to school, when they started to work, … .

Siluetas personas

Tell the participants to draw a circle around the persons they would like to see more often and those they would like to reconnect with. For each person, ask the participants to decide how often they would like to have contact with that person. They should fill in the worksheet – annex 2.