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Exercise 13.
Self-determination Social inclusion
Off line Images /pictograms/info graphics Presentations (powerpoints, PDF, docs, ...)
More than 30 minutes

Pedagogical guide for educator

 Exercise 3 comprises of two separate activities and continuation of the story from the first exercise. At this stage of the story, the main character starts acting for the achievement of her new life goal and AAWID is invited to follow up and to think about her progress.

  • Activity 1 “Maria’s goal setting worksheet” requires the AAWID to accomplish a goal worksheet instead of the main character. This task will provide the educator with a detailed overview of the understanding and knowledge of AAWID regarding the life goal setting up and achieving process. It is important for all unclear parts of the process to be discussed and explained once again in detail by the educator.
  • Activity 2 “If I was Maria…” challenges AAWID to put himself in the place of the main character. The educator should encourage the AAWID to put himself in the main character’s shoes and to answer if he was her what does he would do differently – would he choose a different pathway, would he consult his decision with someone else, would he decide to set up a different goal, etc. The Activity contains a supporting table to help AAWID in structuring his thoughts.