Improving Maria’s health

Exercise 4.
Emotional well-being Physical Well-being
Off line Presentations (powerpoints, PDF, docs, ...)
More than 30 minutes
Individually In group

Pedagogical guide for educator

The exercise is formed by 2 activities related to Maria's story. Maria is 70 years old who her health is gradually deteriorating.

Activity 1. Improving Maria's quality of life. (30 minutes)

Learners -by group or individually-, and supported by 9 pair of images (health activity / unhealthy activity), have to discuss and get conclusions about which activities Maria should take up to improve her health.

Activity 2. Making a menu for Maria. (30 minutes)

By using the food pyramid and a images of food classified according to the pyramid, learners -by group or individually- should work on the elaboration of a menu and meals schedule for Maria.