My friendships

Exercise 12.
Self-determination Interpersonal relations
Off line Presentations (powerpoints, PDF, docs, ...)
More than 30 minutes

Pedagogical guide for educator

This exercise is presenting what friendship means and what makes our friends important people in our lives.

Within Activity 1 the AAWID is being introduced to a story about the friendship and then is invited to answer three questions about the people in the story and their relationship. Pictures of real people are being used as supporting material to the story, as every picture corresponds to a certain name mentioned in the story. AAWID is invited to answer three questions, three possible answers each, related to the role of the people mentioned in the story in the life of the main character and their relationship with him.

In the second Activity 2, entitled “People important to me” the AAWID is invited to write down (or to say) the names of the people important to him and to explain their role in his life.